This web serial will be following a group of people as they suffer through my attempts to reinvent the wheel in literary form.

The story is essentially going to be a science fantasy, set in an alternate Earth in the near future, because I can’t pick a proper genre to work in and I like having options available to me.

There will be stupid parts, there will be immature parts, there will be strange parts, and there will be blood.  I will not be censoring the story, I will be posting it as I mean it to be read, because honestly the world is not a happyfun sparkling children’s fable and that’s not the type of story I’m trying to tell.  I don’t care if it alienates potential readers, I’m not in this for the publicity.  I don’t care if it makes me look like a crass, jingoistic, dumbass, I’m not in this to make you like me.

After all, most of the time when censoring is introduced the end product makes no mother daughter sense.

I know there are people out there with a phobia of “triggers” and other such things that might hurt your feelings or bring back unpleasant memories, but I’ll say it now.  I am not a wizard.  My words have no more power than is given to them by you, the reader.  I’m not here to coddle you, I’m not here to hurt you.  I’m here to tell a story, and I hope you enjoy it.


As a disclaimer, the actions and beliefs of the characters do not necessarily reflect those of the author, or anyone else.  All characters used are fictitious, used in a fictional setting.  Any resemblances to real persons, places, or things are not intentional. Please don’t sue me, I don’t have any money anyways.


If by sheer coincidence a character happens to have your name, congratulations, you’re famous.


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