Index and Update Schedule

12/08/2013: Okay, so I am falling into every amateur writer hole known to man.  This winter is not being kind to my creativity regarding this story.

I’ll be perfectly honest here, my flow is gone, I have no real idea when I’ll manage to get another decent update put together.   My creative process works a lot better when I have a partner to bounce ideas off of, which doesn’t really work with me being an asshole hermit.  Maybe I’ll go into politics, then I won’t have to come up with anything productive.


I suck.


Note: I am going to be drinking copious amounts of vodka while I try to get this looking slightly more respectable, as such I’m bound to spill some on the keyboard and try to lick it off.  If everything degenerates into nonsense or disappears that’s probably why.

WordPress seems to have a vendetta against me, as it seems to be not showing everyone the same thing, it alters my paragraphs without warning, and changes my posts in ways that don’t seem to appear in the code.  I’m trying to get this figured out.

For lack of a proper home page, I am using this one as a placeholder.

I will be updating this with links to chapters and interludes as they become available.


I’m also looking into the possibility of getting my own server/website for this stuff, and restructuring it so that it is a bit more flexible with my eclectic work method.  Something more akin to a forum would probably be a lot more appropriate than a blog.




Each Arc is anticipated to be 7 chapters long.  The story is planned to be composed of 7 arcs, the first one going live on 10/4/2013, and with the final chapter being posted on 9/5/2014 whenever my creativity manages to put together something that doesn’t suck.  After that point, I intend to see what I can do about getting it all organized together into something resembling a book or pdf.


Arc 1

1.1 due 10/4/2013

1.2 due 10/11/2013

1.3 due 10/18/2013





Arc 2




Interlude 1 – Blackeyes

Interlude 2 – Samurai

Interlude 3 – Knuckle


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